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NV Vino De Postre - 375mL

Aroma - cassis, black cherry
Flavor - plum, cherry, cassis, "glaced fruit"
Pair - chocolate, chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, gorgonzola cheese and cured goat cheese

$24.00 per Bottle
$288.00 per Case
Scribner Bend Vineyards Vino d' Postre is the last varietal harvested; grapes are left on the vine until the highest sugar content is reached and are harvested in the same manner as our non-dessert Tempranillo. During fermentation, when the unfinished wine is hit with 180-proof grape brandy causing the yeast cells to lyse and subsequently stopping the fermentation process. The addition of grape brandy kicks up the alcoholic content to 18% while the residual sugar left from the unfinished fermentation remains as the sweetener. This lovely Port-style wine is left in the barrels for a minimum of two years, yielding a sweet and slightly tawny characteristic. Inhale the candied cherry and dark chocolate aromas; let our Vino de Postre linger on the tongue and savor the cherry cordial candy and "Cherry Heering" liquor flavors - a luscious treat. The silky smooth tannins are a delightful end to a beautiful sip. Serve alone as dessert or serve with desserts such as chocolate, chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, gorgonzola cheese and cured goat cheese.

The Grape - Tempranillo originated in Spain's Rioja region and is considered the areas staple red table wine and is instrumental in creating their delicious sweet wines. It needs only a short growing season and this early ripening tendency is the source of the name Tempranillo, which translates to "little early one." The large, olive-like grapes grow in girant clusters yielding up to 250 berries in a cluster. Due to similarities in climate, Spain's number one grape has found a happy adoptive home in California where it's been welcomed with empty glasses and open palates.
Wine Style Red Wine
Varietal Tempranillo
Appellation Clarksburg
Alcohol % 18.7
Size 750 ml