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White Wine

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This Estate grown Pinot Grigio was hand-picked five weeks after our regular Pinot Grigio resulting in concentrated sugars, flavors, and aromas.  This small lot dessert wine was fermented on the skins of the Pinot Grigio grapes which are naturally colored and resulted in a pale copper hue.  By harvesting late and fermenting on the skins we produced a rich and colorful dessert wine loaded with flavors of candied apricots, honeycomb and peaches and cream.

Aroma-peaches & cream with vanilla bean and cherry       

Flavor-pineapple upside down cake with cherry glaze


$18.00 per Bottle
$288.00 per Case

Scribner Bend Vineyards is excited to introduce our first traditional method sparkling wine produced with our Estate Grown Chardonnay.  Our 2017 Chardonnay Brut Sparkling Wine grapes were hand-picked two weeks prior to all other Chardonnay to capture the delicate aromas and crisp flavors.  This small lot sparkling wine was fermented in a stainless steel tank to highlight the exquisite characteristics produced by our Chardonnay grapes.

Aroma - lemon curd and lychee with notes of orange blossom

Flavor - key lime pie with a squeeze of zesty pomello


$26.00 per Bottle
$312.00 per Case

This Chardonnay is a wonderful fusion of old and new styles.  The crisp fruity notes achieved with stainless steel fermentation are balanced with small doses of oak creating a complex and creamy mouth-feel.

Aroma - pear, lychee & sweet pomello

Flavor - fresh pear & guava with creamy mouth-feel & subtle layers of toasted oak followed with a buttery finish


Silver Medal - California State Fair Wine Competition

$19.00 per Bottle
$228.00 per Case

The Fiano grape, a native of Southern Italy, is a perfect match for our microclimate.  Fiano is a later ripening grape which creates a crisp well-balanced wine often with hints of honey.

Aroma: Lychee, melon, and honeysuckle with a slight nuttiness

Flavor: Bright Meyer Lemon, Lychee, and fresh cut pineapple

$19.00 per Bottle
$228.00 per Case

Our Pinot Grigio is always the first grape we harvest and the first wine we craft.  Early harvest allows us to retain the fresh zingy nature of the grape and create a light bodied refreshing wine.

We are extremely grateful to Greg Kondos, a world renown artist, for allowing us to use one of his signature Sacramento Delta paintings, "River Palms", for the label of this estate grown Pinot Grigio.

Aroma - pineapple, guava, passion fruit, and lime zest

Flavor - honeydew, pineapple and papaya with a soft finish

Silver Medal - San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition


$19.00 per Bottle
$228.00 per Case

Our Reserve Chardonnay is fermented and aged in French Oak barrels for six months to focus on the best qualities from our Chardonnay grapes.  By aging our Chardonnay in barrels, we can create a rich creamy mouth-feel with bold flavors of toasted marshmallow, apples, vanilla, and pineapple.

Aroma - ripe Asian pear & toasted oak

Flavor - soft, creamy & rich on the palate with flavors of apricot, peach & ripe Asian pear, roasted marshmallow & vanilla.  The nice acidity gives a touch of citrus that keeps your palate fresh & craving more.

Silver Medal - San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

$21.00 per Bottle
$252.00 per Case

Our Viognier (Vee-own-yay) is most loved for its perfumed aromas of peach and honeysuckle.  With a later harvest we are able to capture the richness of the grape and create a bold and creamy wine.

Aroma - perfume and floral aromatics of hibiscus and orange blossom

Flavor - ruby red grapefruit and sweet, ripe fruit on the mid-palate, light fresh finish


Gold Medal - San Diego International Wine Competition

$19.00 per Bottle
$228.00 per Case

Our goal with our White Wine Blend was to maximize the expression of flavors and aromas while eliciting the best qualities of each grape.  We blended our Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Fiano and Viognier to create the beautifully well balanced white wine.

Aroma - baked pears and apples with vanilla and toasted oak

Flavor - sweet vanilla oak, Fuji apples and zested lemon with a light crisp finish


$18.00 per Bottle
$216.00 per Case

Our Sparkling Almond is a beautiful soft alomond color that is accentuated by tiny bubbles.  Enticing aromas of marzipan and vanilla wafers are followed by hints of toasted almonds.

Aroma - marzipan and vanilla wafers with hints of toasted almond
Flavors - slightly fruity with a natural tangy finish

$22.00 per Bottle
$264.00 per Case