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Meet Our Winemakers

                                                                            Cathryn Brannan - Winemaker

Cathryn grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, where she learned the importance of producing a quality crop.  With an honest love of hard work, challenges, and adventure she joined the US Navy Seabees, where she traveled the globe as an equipment operator.  After she served 5 years, she moved to Texas where she pursued an Environmental Engineering degree.  Through one of her research papers she discovered the science behind wine and feel in love.  Shortly thereafter, she changed her major to winemaking and transferred to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Cathryn has now been in the wine industry for five years, two of those years with Scribner Bend.  She has grown and produced wine on the central coast of California and in Australia.  Having difficulty deciding between making wine or farming the grapes she sought out a winery where she could do both and found Scribner Bend Vineyards.

Cathryn believes that there needs to be an understanding of the grapevine to be able to produce good grapes.  If you do not product good grapes, then it is difficult to make good wine.  Being able to work with the grapes that are going to be made into wine gives her the ability to produce wine with more desirable flavors, aromas, and complexity.

In two years' time, Cathryn, has truly put her stamp on the wines and the winemaking process at Scribner Bend Vineyards.  She has introduced blends into the wine list, added new and interesting grape varieties to the vineyards, elevated our already wonderful wines to the next level, educated the staff on winemaking standards and practices and helped them to understand the subleties and nuances of various and specifically of our own wines.  Cathryn is truly one of a kind.  We are all better for knowing her and are thrilled to have her at Scribner Bend Vineyards. 

                                                                              Kevin Luther - Winemaking Consultant

Kevin Luther's winemaking is rooted in a respect for craftsmanship and artistry.  He seeks first to ensure that old traditions and modern knowledge coalesce into consistent quality and superb flavor profiles.  These dual, sometimes competing inspirations are at the root of Kevin's wines.  Inspired further by his travels around the world discovering flavors and learning from the great winemakers of the world, Kevin's wines are a window into the world through his eyes.

Kevin's goal is to let each wine be its best version of itself, the most unique and pure expression of its potential. Whether this means expressing the unique soils, climate, terroir of the land or allowing the wine to grow beyond its humble roots into something more complex. In all cases, the goal is to make each wine a journey and each bottle a story.  Wine is so much more than liquid in a bottle, it is a story and an experience.

Kevin was drawn to Scribner Bend by their dedication to producing estate-grown, hand-crafted wines of incredible value and their dedication to family-style customer service and company culture. He is excited to be a part of the bright new future of Scribner Bend as a leader in bringing Clarksburg to a new pinnacle of luxury winemaking quality.

After obtaining a degree in Viticulture & Enology from the foremost winemaking school in the world, UC Davis, Kevin traveled the hemisphere working harvests at some of the greatest wineries of the world. The accumulated wisdom of winemaking is not held in one winery, or one country, but by working harvests in Paso Robles, Australia (twice), Oregon, Argentina, Sonoma and New Zealand, and traveling to over 40 countries experiencing their cultures and flavors, Kevin was able to gain inspiration and a little winemaking wisdom.

Kevin is currently also Winemaker & Vineyard Manager at Wise Villa Winery, where he has been making award-winning wine for six years (including the lauded Goilden State Winery of the Year). Recently, Kevin completed an Executive MBA in Wine Business from Sonoma State University.  He is currently finishing up the WSET diploma program in pursuit of the Master of wine certification.